who is big insig?

The burning question.
A mysterious man known only as “BIG INSIG” has been quietly researching new and creative ways to mix e-liquid without sweetener. He’s mastered his 3 favourite blends, and now Cold Turkey Juice Labs is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor.


  • 01

    BIG INSIG has been an active member of the incredible Canadian vape scene since it’s early days in 2012.

  • 02

    BIG INSIG believes only in vaping liquid without sweetener. There are known carcinogens in coil gunk and you don’t need that.

  • 03

    BIG INSIG has worked on over 100 private and commercial liquid recipes. The catalog is extensive and sometimes unusual.

  • 04

    BIG INSIG works with the best shops and distributors. Vapers and shops can get quality liquid at a fair price.