who is big insig?

Not a bad question. I’m a mystery man quietly researching new and creative ways to mix e-liquid without sweetener. I love inventing unusual flavours and sharing them with the community. I’m most active in my hometown of Burlington, and you can find me on ELR reddit and quietly stalking vape shops and expos around the GTA.  Find me and I’ll give you a free 60.


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    BIG INSIG has been an active member of the incredible Canadian vape scene since it’s early days in 2012.

  • 02

    BIG INSIG believes only in vaping liquid without sweetener. There are known carcinogens in coil gunk and you don’t need that.

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    BIG INSIG has worked on over 100 private and commercial liquid recipes. The catalog is extensive and sometimes unusual.

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    BIG INSIG works with the best shops and distributors. Vapers and shops can get quality liquid at a fair price.